Southern California LSU Alumni

Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting



Attendees: Steve Brown, Jeff Graybill, Cathy Mueller Jesse Foltz, Hal Teeple, Greg Clements, Heather Hendricks, Pat Unangst, and Carl Keck



  1. Cathy Mueller presented membership information. We have 64 members that paid dues during 2000 (this is up from 54 in 1999). We have 198 names on our local mailing lists which includes anyone that attended a crawfish boil, paid dues, or requested to be on the email list since 1997. LSU has 1000 plus names but the reliability of the names is low. We use LSU for our big newsletter mailings and pick up new members from these mailings and from the Internet.


  1. Carl Keck presented the bank account information. We have $9638.06 in the bank right now. We believe that there may be an outstanding item of about $3500 from the 2000 crawfish boil which would put us at about $6100. Steve Brown will confirm.


  1. Steve Brown gave us an update on our funded scholarship. Our original funding of $15,000 has grown to $20,000 with interest and we will start funding this year a $1000 scholarship to be awarded to a Southern California student. We discussed whether to start a second scholarship. We decided it would be good to increase the value of the current scholarship for a few more years so that our amount keeps up with inflation. The amount sent to the scholarship fund this year will be determined following the crawfish boil.


  1. Steve Brown gave us an update on our highly successful crawfish boil. We had about 200 adult attendees. All had a good time, the food was much improved, and with our raffle and auction we came out ahead with the ability to fund more on our scholarship.


  1. Other activities last year included two football view-ins. The Florida game had good attendance but was an awful game. The Ole Miss game was better but had lighter attendance. We all felt that this year should be a better year with the promise of an improved team. We had a Scholarship Dinner with 35 attendees. It was unfortunate that the speaker from Baton Rouge had to cancel at the last minute but Cliff Vannoy filled in and it was a nice dinner.


  1. Steve Brown led a discussion on splitting the chapter into two, a Los Angeles and North and an Orange County chapter. Charlie Roberts has discussed this split for a number of years. Based on our paid dues members, there are only about 22 members in Orange County proper and with no volunteers to lead a new group; we did not feel like it made sense to pursue a split at this time.


  1. Steve Brown proposed the following restructuring of officers and the group approved:



-Chairman of the Crawfish Boil Committee

-Direct chapter planning

-Work with LSU in Baton Rouge


Vice President:

-President elect

-Chairman of the Student Recruitment and Scholarship committee



-Monitor membership List

-Maintain Finances



1st Board member:

-Chairman of the New Member and Activities Committee


2nd Board Member:

-Chairman of the Newsletter Committee


3rd Board Member:

-Past President


  1. Volunteers were asked to run for office. Cathy Mueller agreed to do Secretary/Treasurer. Heather Hendricks volunteered for 1st Board Member and Jeff Graybill volunteered for 2nd Board Member.


  1. Pat Unangst volunteered to help with reception at the crawfish boil.


Crawfish Boil Meeting (Attended by Steve and Cathy Brown, Cathy Mueller, Heather Hendricks, Carl Keck, Jeannie Hamada, and Steve Siegwein)


  1. Cathy Mueller has the application for Seaside Lagoon which must get to the city of Redondo Beach by 2/5/01. Carl provided the check for $450. We also need to decide on our band because the name must be on the application for sound permit. Cathy will request a 9am set up time.


  1. We discussed 3 options for music: Lisa Haley, Benny and the Swamp Gators, and a DJ from the UL organization. Steve Brown will see if Lisa is willing to work for less than $1000 that she charged last year. Steve Siegwein and Jeannie Hamada will see if Benny and the Swamp Gators will lower their price of $800 and commit to our date of 5/19/01. If both groups are booked on 5/19/01, then we will pursue the disk jockey option. A decision needs to get to Cathy Mueller by 2/3/01.


  1. Caterers all agreed that the service was excellent from our 2000 caterers. The LSU contention wanted to leave the menu as is for this year. The UL group was concerned about the quality of the side dishes. Steve and Steve will have a conference call with the caterers and see what can be worked out for this year.


  1. Jeannie Hamada will again organize the boudin and Cathy Mueller will organize the hotdogs. Steve Siegwein will arrange for the beer and Cathy Mueller will pick up and return the kegs.


  1. The raffle will be held through a posting system this year every hour a group of winners will be posted on a board. The silent auction will be similar to last year. Cathy Brown will package up and organize the prizes. Cathy Mueller will help solicit prizes for LSU. Heather Hendricks will assist. Jeannie Hamada will organize prizes from UL.


  1. The price for this years crawfish boil will be determined after discussions with the caterer. It will be close to last year ($35) with two tiered pricing, a lower amount for early payment.


  1. The crawfish boil hours will be the same as last year 11am 4pm.