2017- 2018 Officers, Board Members and Supporters/Advisors

Adrienne, Cathy, Ham, Karen, Debra, Suzanne, Lynda, Murlyn, Roger, Pat, Charles, Steve

Title Name Email
President Lynda Wilson lynda@lsusocal.org
Vice President Charles Favors charlesf@lsusocal.org
Secretary Cathy Mueller cathym@lsusocal.org
Treasurer Ham Homan ham@lsusocal.org
Board Member Steve Brown steve@lsusocal.org
Board Member Murlyn Burkes murlyn@lsusocal.org
Board Member Debra Philips debra@lsusocal.org
Board Member Suzanne Erdelyi suzanne@lsusocal.org
Board Member Stephanie Hingle stephanie@lsusocal.org
Board Member Pat Unangst pat@lsusocal.org
Board Member Adrienne Tesarek adrienne@lsusocal.org
Past President Roger Legros roger@lsusocal.org
Supporter/Advisor Jadah Chatterjee jadah@lsusocal.org
Supporter/Advisor Dan Pitre dan@lsusocal.org
Officer elections are in the spring and new officers take office after the Crawfish Boil.

Past Presidents of the Southern California LSU Alumni Association:

  • Kay Brumfield
  • Debbie Roth
  • Keith Reed
  • Catherine Boyer
  • Steve Brown
  • Heather Thompson
  • Mickey Harris
  • Karen Lear
  • Charles Jeffery
  • Paul Dietzel II
  • Karen Lear
  • Charles Jeffery
  • Roger LeGros
  • Dan Pitre
  • Karen Lear
  • Roger Legros

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